if I pass that tree …,my feeling feels strange, like there are thousands of pairs of eyes watching me ..from the darkness of the tree . as if there are other inhabitants on other frequencies of the human world ..

The existence of other creatures is still a strong polemic, some do not believe, but not a few also believe it. In Indonesia, many people believe in the existence of invisible spirits. This is believed from generation to generation according to their respective customs and traditions. There are several places that are claimed as nesting places for supernatural beings, such as buildings or empty houses, graves, rivers, mountains, trees ..
I stepped and approached the tree even though it was horrified ..

when the frequency of my brain in Beta (BETA (above 12 hz or from 12 hz to 20 hz) is a brain wave that occurs when someone experiences mental activity that is fully awake.), nothing feels strange .. .

I try to reduce the frequency of my brain to THETA (THETA (4 hz – 8 hz) Are Brain Waves that occur when someone is experiencing light sleep, or very sleepy. Signs of breathing begin to slow down and deep. Besides people who are on the verge sleep, some people also produce Brain Waves (Brainwave) when trance, hypnosis, deep meditation, praying, undergoing religious rituals with solemnity. People who are able to drain chi energy, prana or inner energy), I started to hear the voice asking for help the sound is clear and small (like the sound of infrasound )

sometimes I think, people who died because of accidents, suicide or matters about the world have not been resolved. he died in a curious condition. He will be between the two sides of the world. the human world and the spirit world or the supernatural. he will occupy a tree, a building or a place that humans fear. he will be in that place until the rest of his life is used up to live in the world … (this is just my fantasy.all stories cannot be proven…) rant 73 Octo.25.2019

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