, Stay Rooted, Family Blog 2020, Family Blog 2020

Stay Rooted

, Stay Rooted, Family Blog 2020, Family Blog 2020

This is the first tattoo that I’ve ever gotten and I’ve put a lot of thought into getting it; a year and a half actually. I knew after my mother passed away that I wanted to get a tattoo to represent her, and also to show the strength of my family. I have battled depression since about 6th grade, and after the passing of my mom, it kept getting worse and worse. Everyday I wake up wanting to give up, but there’s something that keeps me going. Now I have this tattoo to remind me to stay rooted. I don’t think people understand exactly what I went through and am still going through; I don’t expect you to. However, I want people to know that no matter how much pain a person or family endures, that you can still live on. Watching someone you love die and doing everything you can to help them and stay hopeful isn’t just something you get over, but you don’t have to dwell on it…I finally bucked up the courage to get this tattoo (big thanks to @madisonquinn who gave me the extra push to get it after she got a beautiful tattoo done for the loss of her loved ones) and I truly believe that my mom is looking at this with tears in her eyes from Heaven. This tattoo means the world to me, and I hope it does to her. A big thanks to @chutch11 for holding my hand through the entire thing. The biggest thank you ever to Chris James for doing this BEAUTIFUL tattoo. I’m in love with it. Want to know what it all means?

The tree being in the heart: Staying rooted in the things that I love and am passionate about.

The lantern: God being the light in my heart when darkness seems greater, and being the light in my life in general. It also encourages me to be a light unto others.

The woman: My mother, because she will forever be in my heart and I know she will always be trying to help clean out the bad roots. The dress she’s wearing was one of my favorite ones that she would wear.

The trunk of the tree: You may not have caught it, but it’s actually a cancer sign. It represents that even if I’m rooted in something, the loss of my mother is something I will always carry with me and it’ll always be the base of what I do. My mom is my inspiration.

The branches: Each branch represents a family member of mine and reminds me to branch out to others.

The hummingbird: Time standing still, because sometimes I get lost in it, and I’m constantly looking back on memories. Also, it symbolizes joy, adaptability, courage, determination, being more present even when my depression tells me not to be, not to dwell on negativity, and lastly it represents my independence.

The blue jay: Another symbol for my mom, because whenever I see one, I know she’s near. It also is a representation to use my talents properly.

The pain was all worth it.

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, Stay Rooted, Family Blog 2020, Family Blog 2020