Malay Apple Flower, Flor de Jambeiro, San Salvador, El Salvador

SB/NC: Syzygium malaccense, Myrtaceae Family

Syzygium malaccense is a species of flowering tree native to Malaysia, Indonesia (Sumatra and Java) Vietnam, Thailand, New Guinea and Australia. It has been introduced throughout the tropics, including many Caribbean countries and territories such as Jamaica where it is known simply as “Jamaican apple” or the more common Otaheite apple.
It has a number of English common names. It is known as a Malay rose apple, or simply Malay apple, mountain apple, rose apple, Otaheite apple, pink satin-ash and pommerac (derived from pomme Malac, meaning “Malayan apple” in French). Despite the fact that it is sometimes called the otaheite cashew, it is not related to cashew. While cashew nuts (but not cashew fruits) may trigger allergic reactions, rose apple fruit has not been observed to do so. In Hawaii it is called “mountain apple”.
The combination of tree, flowers and fruit has been praised as the most beautiful of the Syzygium family. The fruit is oblong-shaped and dark red in color, although some varieties have white or pink skins. The flesh is white and surrounds a large seed. Its taste is bland but refreshing. Jam is prepared by stewing the flesh with brown sugar and ginger. Right after producing lots of fruits (shown last month here) now it comes the flowers again. It is a very fast cycle.

Es comúnmente conocida como manzana de agua, manzana malaya, pomarrosa, Cajuilito Soliman, pomagás, pomagá, marañon japonés, pomalaca o marañon curazao, es una especie de árbol perteneciente a la familia de las mirtáceas.
Palo de marañon japonés, cargado de frutas, en San Benito, San Salvador

Jambeiro, carregadinho de flores, logo depois da colheita de muitos jambos, na cidade de San Salvador, aqui chamado de guinda também. Na América Central.

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