, Letting In the Light, Family Blog 2020, Family Blog 2020

Letting In the Light

, Letting In the Light, Family Blog 2020, Family Blog 2020

My travels around the UK by car for three weeks with my son. June/July 2019 England.

Near Exmouth on our way to Relubbus where we are staying two nights.

On a walk around the interior of A La Ronde house

A La Ronde is an unusual 16-sided house built by two cousins, Jane and Mary Parminter, in 1796. The cousins were inspired by a grand tour of the European continent and created this striking house looking out over the Exe estuary. The interiors contain mementoes collected by the two women, and feature unusual decor, including a ‘feather frieze’, and a gallery lined with shells. The latter chamber is so fragile that visitors must view it on closed-circuit television.

The story of the Parminters and their travels reads like something out of an adventure romance novel. We know some details of the Parminter Grand Tour, as Jane Parminter kept a journal. The first six weeks of a transcription have survived, and give a colourful account of their journey through France. There were initially four women on the tour; Jane, her sister Elizabeth, their cousin Mary and a friend.

The four women visited Versailles and saw Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (at a distance), and engaged in the 18th century equivalent of a whirlwind tour of Paris before travelling to the Dijon region, where they visited such diverse places as schools, churches, gardens, and hospitals.
For More Info: www.britainexpress.com/attractions.htm?attraction=1905

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, Letting In the Light, Family Blog 2020, Family Blog 2020