Leonardo da Vinci

This is a Tribute to a great Artist: Happy Birthday Leonardo! You make me proud to work for Art – your Talent and your funny Head is outstanding and your Ideas are still a huge Inspiration for today Artists and Scientists… It is amazing how this Guy managed it to be very strange or even odd and symphatik and "normal" at once – he also was a great Gentleman and Partyguest with an impressive Personality… This is for you great Soul!

"Today is the Birthday of Leonardo da Vinci ( leo’nardo da’vint?i ) (* 15 April 1452 in Anchiano with Vinci ; † 2 May 1519 on lock Clos Lucé , Amboise ) was a successful painter, sculptor, architect, musician, Anatom , mechanic, engineer, nature philosopher and discoverer; it is called the Italian universal genius. Its place of birth Vinci was a castellet or a fastened hill village in the Florentiner territory (approx. 30 km west of Florenz ) close Empoli , from which the family of its father derived its name. Shortened one speaks "Leonardo", because Vinci, to German "from Vinci", is not a surname there."

(You see the famous Selportrait of the mature Leonardo, dranw by himself)

pART of THINK!, my PhotoPhilosophY-Set.
©1999-2006 all Rights reserved, Krystian

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