Join the Family Contest


Each October the DRD team is out and about at the store handing out an exclusive collectible during our annual Halloween Hunt. This year we invite three of you to join us as part of the Deadmore family. You will receive an exclusive item to hand out to visitors, as well as a full set of our newest gacha plus, every hunt item…not to mention the family name!


➊ Create an image of your avatar dressed as a member of the Deadmore family. Our family is diverse and strange, humans, creatures, objects, ghosts and animals are all part of our DNA, so we know you could be anything at all.

➋ Create your name (Houseplant Deadmore for example) and a little bit about yourself. Where have you been? What are you up to? How did you lose an eye….we want to know.

➌ Submit your picture to our flickr group with the title “Join The Family Contest” along with the details you wrote about yourself in the description. It is also IMPORTANT to add your inworld name so we can find you!

➍ Make sure you submit before the last day! September 27th!

Entries Accepted: September 6th – September 27th
Entry Location:



Images will be collected from the group and placed into a gallery. If your image is in the Join The Family Contest gallery, you can be sure we have seen it.

Three family members will be chosen to take on the last name Deadmore and join us during the month of October to hand out their exclusive gift. We ask that you show up as often as you can during the month and spend as much time as you like at the store. Don’t worry about committing heavily to this, we will have alternative ways for people to collect your item if you are unable to come around enough, but some participation will be expected.



During the month of October (1st-31st) DRD hosts a major Halloween hunt at the store. This hunt has two components.

1. Hunting for items that are scattered throughout the store.
2. Saying a special phrase to designated family members so they will pass you a special item.

As part of the hunt you would be in the store, dressed and named as a family member. You and the other family members, would then hand out an item to people who are on the sim and have requested it with the special phrase. They look to collect every family members item, so making an appearance, on your own schedule, regularly, throughout the month would be expected. We will make arrangements to have your item made available if you can’t come around much but do consider this when entering.

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